Best Week Ever

3, 2, 1 — Launch! And what a week it was. Here at The Fit Cycle, we are humbled and excited by the response to our movement. More than 2,000 people viewed the new website and the newest film “En Route Workout.”  Where do our viewers come from? All over the world! Every continent and 48 countries to be exact. What’s truly special are the viewer photo submissions –folks getting it in in their local laundromats, offices and schools! To join, email:

There is something infectious about exercising in public and in non-traditional spaces. First there are the odd and quizzical stares. Next come the questions. “Excuse me, what exactly are you doing?” What follows? Action! How about inspiring a whole subway train car to move –yes, it happened. And that is just the point. We are in this together. The public landscape is for all of us –use it how you will– and it’s most fun when we experience it together. That’s heart energy y’all! We’d like to thank “Father of the Modern Vlog” Steve Garfield for his feature of our work and with him and FMI. They shared our message, our movement, in the most public spaces of the day: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterist and blogs.

Wait! The empowered news doesn’t end there. We said it was the best week ever, right? Our very own Rachel Naftel was chosen to lead nutrition and cooking classes for the Children’s Aid Society “Go! Kids” healthy eating and fitness initiative in New York City! Next we have über talented Film Director Monique Walton whose film “The Becoming Box” won not only the “Short Narrative Award” at the International Black Film Festival of Nashville but also “Best in Festival.” Andia Winslow continues to lend her fitness expertise to the masses and was a featured expert in Health Magazine and the Brooklyn Independent Television show “In The Zone”

Oh, and some pretty cool shout outs too! How about ESPN Sports Anchor Jay Harris or 40X Platinum, Grammy and Emmy Award winning producer Quincy Jones III. Here’s the rest of what they’re saying:

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Thank you for staying tuned. We have a major announcement on Friday, February 1st and can’t wait to share!

Until the next time, get it in where you can fit it in! —The Fit Cycle Team

2 thoughts on “Best Week Ever

  1. I read a great quote, but unsure where it originated…. “at first, people will ask WHY do you do that? Then, they will ask HOW did you do that?” Truer words have never been spoken.

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