Jackie Robinson

“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” —Jackie Robinson

Mr. Jackie Robinson (b.1919 – d.1972) was a Professional Baseball Player, Businessman and Civil Rights Activist who, on April 15, 1947, integrated Major League Baseball by signing with the Brooklyn Dodgers. He went on to have a Hall of Fame career (1962 induction) and was best known as a league leading and electrifying base stealer. Established by his wife, Rachel Robinson, the Jackie Robinson Foundation honors his life and work by providing mentorship programming and academic scholarships to deserving students.

Enter Fast Feet Drill. Anatomical focus is the foot-ankle complex, a lever whose responsibility is to bear the weight of the entire body and perform complex movements. Frequency of ground contact and fine motor articulation allows for instantaneous pivot in any direction. Jackie Robinson used baseball as his lever -transmitting and modifying social forces- and the world was forever changed. Add Lateral Hip Abductionto mimic the art of base running which, as Jackie Robinson proved, requires tactical jockeying left and right. The move strengthens the hips, the structural divide between torso and lower body. Mr. Robinson, as such, was critical in providing joint integrity between athletics and society.

Recommended Reading: Jackie Robinson Foundation

Exercise Difficulty: Beginner – Difficult, dependent on speed and duration

Strengthens: Hips (LHA – Primary), Foot- Ankle Complex (FF – Primary)


Lateral Hip Abduction: Stand feet shoulder width apart, knees flexed, with weight trending towards heels in squat form. With weight distributed equally in both feet and hips low, step laterally in one direction for intended count, pause, return opposite direction making certain to avoid hip tilt. Movement is measured and horizontal in both directions.

Fast Feet: Stand in athletic eyes-up “ready” position with knees slightly flexed, feet shoulder width apart and arms hanging outstretched to sides. Engage core and, while in place, rapidly alternate foot lifts no more than 1 inch off of ground while maintaining starting posture. Speed for intended count; rest appropriately repeating thereafter. Breathe deeply throughout.

Watch the move: JACKIE ROBINSONs / Lateral Hip Abduction + Fast Feet

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