This week’s #TheFitCycle Move of the Week  is dedicated to Olympic Champion Gabby Douglas who I saw briefly in New York over the weekend.

Muscles (major) worked: Glutes, Core: Abs, Lower Back

Considerations: Except for advanced practitioners, it’s best to begin in supine* position on a flat and firm surface with knees bent and feet shoulder width apart.  *Supine – on back, face up

Progression in bridge variations will come as technique and flexibility is improved upon. No need to rush or get bent out of shape trying to attempt contortionist level flexibility. Yes, I went there.

Core and glutes engaged to assist in posture maintenance.

Equipment needed: None! Oh, well, besides a flexible attitude.

Variations: Modified in reverse table top –supine– position with arms fully extended, shoulders over wrists. Or, try simply bridging bottom off of ground, hips towards sky while shoulders remain grounded; try pulsing with isometric holds at the top of the move. Moving bridges can be performed by walking forward, backward or laterally as a crab might.

Location: Bridge to somewhere. Bridge over troubled waters. Bridge worlds and ideas!

Challenge: Try a modified bridge, grow into full and do send photos! Shout outs on #TheFitCycle Facebook page and future videos! Send to for inclusion.

Get it in where you can fit it in! –Andia

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