Back again with the second installment of #TheFitCycle Move of the Week! This week’s special guest -great for high intensity interval training- Knee Drives.

Muscles* (major) worked: Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes, Hip Flexors                    *Move is great for speed development and drive phase coordination in sprinting

Considerations: Knee Drive towards chest, returning to floor with dorsiflexed foot –alternating legs throughout movement

Straight body line from crown of head to bottom of feet, hips engaged

Arms firm, elbows neither locked nor excessively bent

Core engaged to assist in posture maintenance

Rhythm controlled, speed increased for difficulty

Dorsiflexion: upward movement of the foot at the ankle joint. Allows for application of force, against ground, in this instance

Equipment needed: None! Proper footwear is suggested to ensure efficient dorsiflexed footfall and aggressive drive off of ground

Variations: Tempo, Knee Height, Isometric Hold at top of move, Angle of Approach and more!

Location: Wall or any other sturdy vertical element so that your hands will be positioned flush against the surface

Challenge: Try a different variation every day of this week and post a photo of your favorite, especially if it involves everyday attire or location. Shout outs on #TheFitCycle Facebook page and future videos! Send to for inclusion.

Get it in where you can fit it in! –Andia

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