Introducing #TheFitCycle Move of the Week! This week’s special guest, and a personal favorite, the standard lunge.

Muscles (major) worked: Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes

Considerations: 90, 90, 90 – degree angles that is. Top of foot to shin. Hamstring to calf. Hip Flexor of forward leg to trunk.

Back in neutral position, not bowed or arched, and core engaged

Tempo smooth and controlled to maintain balance

Equipment needed: None! Unless you so choose: dumbbells, weight plates, Kettle Bells, medicine balls, bands, weight sticks, etc. OR, odd objects that you find around the home, office, garage –laundry basket maybe?

Variations: Static, Walking, Lateral, Tempo Based, Sliding, Backwards, Overhead, Twisting, Plyometric and more!

Location: Anywhere, everywhere and always!

Challenge: Try a different variation every day of this week and post a photo of your favorite, especially if it involves an everyday object or location. Shout outs on #TheFitCycle Facebook page and future videos! Send to for inclusion.

Get it in where you can fit it in! –Andia

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