It looks like we’re on a roll —->skate! Or push up. Whichever you prefer, though I’m partial to the latter this week for what it’s worth. Pleased to again present #TheFitCycle Move of the Week and this time with a little attitude, you Renegades you!

ren·e·gade noun \ˈre-ni-ˌgād\  an individual who rejects 
conventional behavior

Now, just to clarify, traditional renegade push ups involve “rowing” (read: pulling) a dumbbell on each alternating push up-stroke and returning to the Push Up base. For our purposes though, simply alternate “stepping” up with each hand as though “climbing” a stairway to nowhere. RIGHT hand step up, LEFT hand step up, RIGHT hand step down, LEFT hand step down, push up, REPEAT circuit. Or, to make things more intriguing, try this combination:

Push Up base – R up – Push up – L up – R down – Push up – L down – Push up *This variation produces height staggered Push Ups

Muscles (major groups) worked: Pecs, Shoulders, Deltoids, Triceps, Core

Considerations: Maintain proper Push Up form with straight body line from crown of head to bottom of feet, hips engaged. No sky-high butt, people!

Full expression of Push Up at top and bottom of move. Top: arms fully extended. Bottom: Nose towards floor by lowering body not by simply dipping head.

To take pressure off of wrists be certain to displace some weight into fingertips

Breathing: Inhale downwards, exhale upwards. Load, unload!

Core engaged to assist in posture maintenance

Rhythm controlled, speed increased for difficulty

Equipment needed: None, aside from the “step” or ledge on which to work

Variations: Modified on Knees, Step Height, Step Stability, Hand Placement Width (ie narrow to work triceps), Tempo, Isometric Hold at top and bottom of move, Hand Order (left-right, right-left, or cycle), inclusion of Push Up at bottom of move, Push Up at staggered hand position, Depth of Push Up

Location: Steps or sturdy box secured against a wall. Other ideas: bath tub ledge, truck tire, low rung of playground ladder, foot rest or even a bench if you’re feeling extra strong, adventurous and in control!

Challenge: Try a different variation every day of this week and post a photo of your favorite, especially if it involves an odd location. Shout outs on #TheFitCycle Facebook page and future videos! Send to for inclusion.

Get it in where you can fit it in! –Andia

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