This week’s #TheFitCycle Move of the Week  can take you uptown, downtown –shoot, all around! I call them Uptown Dips though they’re known in general fitness circles as Bulgarian Dips or Elevated Split Squats.

Muscles (major) worked: Glutes, Hamstrings, Quads

Considerations: Angles: top of foot to shin AND calf to hamstring of both elevated back and grounded front leg. Hamstring of grounded leg is parallel to ground in starting (base) position

Hips and torso should remain square and facing straight ahead in the same direction that the front and grounded foot faces

Foot of extended and elevated back leg should rest on bench midway and be positioned flat, facing downwards

Because this is a pulsing move, practitioners must understand and be secure in their original starting position in order to return to base properly. Starting position (base) – rise upwards – hold – return to base – repeat.
Arm movement is just as in running, or walking for that matter. Opposite arm, opposite leg. For example, if my right front leg is base, my left arm moves upwards as I rise. Left leg base, right arm.

Core and glutes engaged to assist in postural and tempo maintenance

Progressions, either in the form of added weight or timed loading, will come as technique and balance is improved upon.

Equipment needed: None! Unless you choose to hold weight in your hands

Variations: Simple split squat position without elevated back leg, starting position isometric timed holds (no pulsing), timed eccentric loading series by which you slowly lower out of the “rise” position back to base (hamstring parallel to ground). Holding weights in each hand as one might “Dumbbell Run,” holding a weight plate (or other odd object: backpack, laundry basket, human, etc.) directly in front of body with extended arms parallel to ground or directly above head with arms extended perpendicular to ground.

Location: Bench, sturdy chair, stacked and secured boxes, edge of a golf cart seat

Challenge: Try not to rip your pants if you’re wearing tight ones and do send photos! Shout outs on #TheFitCycle Facebook page and future videos! Send to TheFitCycle@gmail.com for inclusion.

Get it in where you can fit it in! –Andia

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